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Outdoor lighting is made to be kept in nature, but it needs maintenance from time to time to keep it as perfect as your landscape. They must be cleaned of external agents such as sludge, dust, or weeds. The wiring must also be checked to avoid short circuits or lights running at half load. To ensure that your lighting system operates and performs as well as the day it was installed, you should periodically service the system. Most lighting systems are forgotten over time, with little or no maintenance. If this happens, nature will take over and cause problems. For all of these needs, you can count on Ambience Outdoor Lighting. I specialize in landscape lighting maintenance in Fort Wright, KY,  Northern Kentucky, and the Cincinnati Tri-State area.

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Ambience Outdoor Lighting’s landscape light maintenance service is the most complete and safe service you can find in the area. Outdoor lighting maintenance can be compared to vehicle maintenance—if left unattended, they will eventually break down. I work with customers who have a system installed by another company and customers whose system was installed incorrectly. In this case, I offer an extra benefit because the product warranty can cover these customers.

Proper outdoor lighting maintenance service should go like this:

  • Examine the transformer box and terminal blocks for damage and debris, and verify that the timer is working correctly.
  • Clean each light fixture, remove and clean the glass lens, and ensure there is no debris or excessive mulch build-up around the light fixture.
  • Keep the area around the light unobstructed by trimming back any bushes or trees that have grown up since the light was installed.
  • Straighten/align any fixtures that are out of place. Any exposed wire should be secured and reburied.

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Landscape lights are made to be durable, but they can be damaged over time. Ambience Outdoor Lighting’s experts will help you ensure that your lights remain in perfect and permanent working order. Ambience Outdoor Lighting wants your landscape to be beautiful and safe. Contact me today to schedule your service in Fort Wright, KY, Northern Kentucky, and the Cincinnati Tri-State area. Do not forget to ask about the brand warranty.

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